about the  company

Super-Wave Technology Private Limited (SWTPL) is an Indian Institute of Science initiative, promoted and managed by its Directors Dr. K. P. J. Reddy and Dr. G. Jagadeesh, both professors of Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, India. The company is engaged in research in the area of shockwaves and its applications in various fields and has several patents to its credit. The research work of Prof. K P J Reddy and Prof. G. Jagadeesh in the area of shock waves for the past two decades has resulted in many inventions which have high commercial, educational and social value in the country. Some of these inventions which have evolved as marketable products include Needleless drug delivery system, Shock wave assisted bamboo treatment plant, Hand operated shock tube for university education (Reddy tube), Reddy tube driven table-top hypersonic shock tunnel and Artificial insemination gun for animals (SuperBull). These inventions have been protected under patents. In addition to high commercial potential these inventions will contribute significantly to the improvement of quality of life and education in the country as well as abroad.